What are the trigger warnings in Verity? (2024)

What are the trigger warnings in Verity?

FIRST OF ALL, this book should come with a whole slew of trigger warnings. So let me clear that up first. Trigger Warnings: Graphic infant/child abuse, child death, abortion, violence, gore, murder.

What is disturbing about Verity?

It is a horrific revelation to Lowen, who finds out that Verity is responsible for her daughter Harper's death. The autobiography reveals Verity's violent impulses, and is laced with vivid descriptions of her active sex life with her husband.

Does Verity have inappropriate content?

Sexual content is frequent and very detailed. There are murders and references to possible child neglect. There are gory details where a man is killed in a car accident. Click here to purchase your copy of Verity on Amazon.

What are the sensitive topics in Verity?

Due to extremely mature content, this book is recommended for readers 18+. Sensitive topics that may be triggering to some readers include graphic death/murder, child abuse, graphic sex.

Does Verity have spicy scenes?

Hoover is a veteran romance author, but don't underestimate her literary range. This departure is brilliant, and I sincerely hope, not a singular event. Verity has no shortage of extra-spicy love scenes, but Hoover leans in hard on the horror and psychological thriller aspects of this story.

What makes Verity scary?

Child Violence. Murder. A pre-warning for those who are scared to dive in the book, Verity includes those topics. Verity has some mini-twists wherein you will just be shocked.

Was Verity really the villain?

Shelby Trautman Verity was absolutely the villain. She wrote that manuscript and there's just too much detail in it for it to not be true, even if some things were exaggerated. Even in her books, she's the villain.

Is Verity a horror story?

The book is not for the faint of heart, as it contains graphic scenes and disturbing content that may not be suitable for all readers. Verity is primarily a psychological thriller and not a horror story, although it does contain horror elements.

What are the trigger warnings for too late Colleen Hoover?

The book has trigger warnings for “foul language, graphic sexual scenes, murder, sexual assault, and drug use” – a handy reminder that although it is readable and gripping, as the author herself says, it should absolutely not be on the Young Adult shelves.

Is Verity worth the hype?

It is intelligently plotted and moreover a thriller which is not CoHo's usual genre (romance). As a person who is not a hardcore Colleen Hoover fan, I would say Verity is definitely worth the hype. Verity is the kind of the book that would either make you speechless or just scream WTF at the top of your lungs.

What is the main idea of Verity?

Verity by Colleen Hoover is a suspenseful novel about a struggling writer who takes on a job to finish the bestselling series of acclaimed author Verity Crawford. As she delves into Verity's notes, she uncovers dark secrets that threaten her sanity and safety.

Are they going to make Verity into a movie?

Verity is a potential film based on the book of the same name, written by Colleen Hoover. In October 2021, it was announced that the project is currently in development at Amazon Studios with Nick Antosca and Alex Hedlund producing.

What is the basic plot of Verity?

Summary: Lowen Ashleigh is a struggling writer on the brink of financial ruin when she accepts the job offer of a lifetime. Jeremy Crawford, husband of bestselling author Verity Crawford, has hired Lowen to complete the remaining books in a successful series his injured wife is unable to finish.

Do Lowen and Jeremy sleep together?

She tells him that the daycare thinks Harper is on the autism spectrum. Verity also lies and says she's pregnant again. Lowen and Jeremy finally have sex but in the middle of it she sees Verity watching. Lowen reads the part in the autobiography where Chastin dies of an allergic reaction.

Is Verity a love triangle?

New York Times Bestselling author Colleen Hoover returns with a unique love triangle between a writer, her husband, and her ghostwriter. This book is Psychological Thriller 101; it will have you second-guess everything and everyone until the end.

Are any of Colleen Hoover's books spicy?

Colleen Hoover Most of my books do contain sex scenes. If you want to avoid them, I have the Never Never series (now all contained into one novel) that doesn't have sex scenes. I also have the Slammed series (Slammed, Point of Retreat, This Girl) allude to sex, but it's not detailed.

Is Verity a narcissist?

Verity is a brilliant character. She starts off very mysterious, intimidating and omnipresent, kind of like Rebecca in the eponymous book. Once the autobiography is discovered Verity is revealed to be a narcissistic, malevolent character who will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Is Verity hard to read?

This book is not for everyone.

It handles tough, uncomfortable, and sometimes gruesome topics. If you are a fan of Colleen Hoover, this novel may seem like it goes astray of her typical style.

Are there two versions of Verity by Colleen Hoover?

"Verity" is a novel by Colleen Hoover, and there is no special edition of the book. However, there are two versions of the book - one is the original version, and the other is an extended version called "Verity Forfeiture".

Was Verity lying or telling the truth?

Lowen eventually discovers that Verity is faking her injury and decides that Jeremy deserves to know the truth. Once she shows him the manuscript, Jeremy confronts Verity and proceeds to attack her, ending in her murder. Months later, Lowen finds a letter left by Verity right before they killed her.

Who is the killer in Verity?

Lowen coached Jeremy how to kill her so that it would look like she choked on her own vomit. That's a lot to take in, but the pace of the novel only quickens. Fast-forward seven months, and Verity's killers — Jeremy and Lowen — are living happily ever after, about to welcome a baby girl.

What ending in Verity was real?

It turns out that Verity has been faking her injuries and Jeremy, in a fit of rage, kills Verity with Lowen's approval. Lowen later finds a letter in the room from Verity addressed to Jeremy explaining that the whole autobiography was just a writing exercise, not to be taken seriously.

Is Verity a dystopian?

"The Walking Dead" meets "The Hunger Games" in this gripping dystopian story. If you love a fierce female lead, forbidden love, life and death stakes and explosive, devastating twists, then you will love "The Verity"!

Is Verity a spicy novel?

Hold onto your hat when you pick up the book Verity, by Colleen Hoover!

Does Colleen Hoover have trigger warnings?

Colleen Hoover also added the art images in the book which was pretty cool so see while reading the book. Trigger warnings: arrest for possession, pain pill addiction, an abusive relationship (physical, emotional, manipulative and sexual), attempted sexual assault.


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